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The First Annual Love of Learning Gala was a tremendous success as we had planned for it to be. There are many who made the sacrifice to make this event enjoyable for all who attended, and our sincere Thank You goes out to you who made this possible.

An even greater expression of appreciation has to be extended to all our sponsors, who gave so unselfishly, that we might start to help these children with Dyslexia. We know you contributed with emotion, as well expressed to us how grateful you were for this opportunity to support the Learning Centre for Dyslexic Children, and for that we are eternally indebted. 

The timing was right, the event unparalleled, our purpose unquestionable and to be sure, it was a success.

Thank You for your support, your kindness and your generosity.

Please watch for the Second Annual Love of Learning Gala.

Check out the Photos HERE!


Learning Centre Steering Committee