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The Hamilton Learning Centre for Children is part of a national program initiated and supported by the Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation of Canada. The Centre has also received generous support from Masonic Lodges and individual donors.

One of our biggest partners is the Scottish Rite. To learn more click here:


Your Generosity has been overwhelming

A few months ago the New Home for the Learning Centre for Hamilton looked like the photo on the left, and it would have remained that way but for those who insisted on helping.
We have progressed to the point where the inside is now undergoing a complete makeover, from a dentist residence to a ten room tutoring facility.
We anticipate to start tutoring children with Dyslexia in the early spring with the official opening in Sept.



Words can’t express our appreciation to so many who have made this progress possible. Most understand however, the initial start up seeds are wonderful, but the endurance seeds are what is necessary to help this endeavor be sustainable.

We need your help, particularly if you were unable to assist with the start up for some reason, even if it’s a smaller amount that could be repeated monthly or perhaps annually, it would make a tremendous difference in this program to help Dyslexic children. Donations are tax deductible.

The Learning Centre has established a vehicle to make donating as easy as possible, to allow you to donate monthly at your own pace or once annually if that’s more convenient.

We ask that you select the following link to Canada Helps to start the process.

DONATE NOW by going to:

The Mason’s of Hamilton decided that it was time to have a tutoring facilities here in the heart of
The Scottish Rite. By what has been accomplished already we have impressed so many including those children who are anxiously awaiting to start their road to recovery.

This is a Grand Effort by those who believe improving a child’s quality of life is worth making a noise about.

This presentation is in lieu of the Blue Donation Envelope that accompanied the Valley Schedules
Please help us get louder and louder.

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